All local  business™ is changing rapidly - change embeds new business models in every  local  business space because there is a constant fight for market share in all local business categories everyplace.

Because of intense competition for existing and strongly established local  market shares with in business categories, business people in each category  can no longer depend or expect that different categories of business operators, will continue to operate only in their past experienced business category.

Innovative, creative and forward thinking business operators will envision methods to capture market share from more than  one existing, strongly established local business  category, combining new ways of serving the people who matter most - the customer.  

Merge Business Models Local
™  MBeamsLocal™  is such a vision - Omaha Stock Yards - Roasts & Steaks ™

Omaha Stock Yards ™  MBeamsLocal ™ principle:.  All money demands the best possible return time values™

Omaha Stock Yards ™ merges one business category with  a number of other methods of business operation into an MBeamsLocal™  allowing managing time money  values function in the created  new MbeamsLocal ™. so that the result is higher return of the  time value of the amount of money invested to do the new MBeamsLocal™.

Increased return is possible because market share is more effectively and efficiently sucked from compatible needs from each category of the new MBeamsLocal™ Omaha Stock Yards ™

Because of the rapidly changing Local Business mentioned earlier,  a construction company, for example,  only looks at the profit that is possible from constructing, not from the total cash that is moved from the merged businesses that creates the increased time value money in the construction contract. 

MBeamsLocal™ with ErectoSERV ™ is a new kind of construction business operator who possesses the experience  needed to merge compatible needs of existing and strongly established local markets from categories of  businesses, but the innovated construction business model cuts a new business  pathway that  the affected merged local businesses can not easily follow in their management efforts to  adjust to their  individual  losing share of their local market in their individual fight for each of the affected local  business operators  to stay profitable by means of their resultant individual losses of daily cash income flow in their individual area of business category  expertise due to the introduction  into the local market of MBeamsLocal™

Their business has been infected with an on going business management weakness involving shrinking of income and profit from which there is a difficult to discover cure, for each one individually.                            

In times past no one would have imagined that a newly constructed Restaurant could earn excellent profits without Franchise Affiliation, or any customer following in a  local market space.

MbeamsLocal™ exclusive  reaches into the consumer market space, that concept is now not only imaginable, but doable in spades.

Businesses, ErectoSERV ™, and overall business marketing experience 

MbeamsLocal ™ is the brand that represents the new profit opportunities for all kinds of independent Business Owners, in all cities.

provides an opportunity rarely seen in business to capture market share in the Restaurant Space. 

The Original And Authentic ™ Two State AVABOG ™ CREOniche ™ and Drone Association USA ™ for Local Independent Business Owners ™ with each one's Regular People Association ™ local Zip Code Associates ™ is able to combine all of the businss plan's other marketing models and products, to cause the tremendous value of Unified Benefits Combo Branding ™ a totally believable Mbeams Business Venture ™  for alert Local Independent Business Owners ™, and their customers,  to grasp the idea and take action to lock it down  for themselves.

No experienced business person doubts the existing daily sales revenues that exit - start up restaurant businesses entering  that existing daily restaurant sales revenue market typically rely on unique menu model - building / decor design presentation - and other expensive marketing strategies tied always to the really
expensive location, location, location marketing strategy in their attempt to quickly establish a meaningful amount of existing local market, daily, day-part restaurant sales revenues - which means they have positioned themselves into a system of monkey see - monkey do.  

Limited success outlook, and a high failure rate are the result. 

Merged Business Models™ a system of potential rapid penetration of existing market share that Mbeamslocal Brand ™ represents, offers a Local Market Share Swingers Opportunity™ 

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