Words mean more when the words are connected to other words that make up a idea that is summarized by a paragraph - especially when that idea holds the interest and the motivation of the reader.  Words mean even more when the reader possesses memories that they associate with the idea made up of the words that they associate.

That's main idea of Omaha Stock Yards Elder 50 Plus Dinner Dance Club

Fifty years ago, Omaha NE was one of the key cities in the USA that supplied the Nation's Population with Beef.  Moreover, back in that day, music was different than it is today.  Eating out was different; and dancing was definitely different.  

We think People Today 50 Plus long for that experience again, and that is the mission of Omaha Stock Yards In Your City USA Dinner Dance Club

The idea is unique in our so called "expert" world of today.  This is a SASSKISS Idea   - meaning Sass Keeps It Sass Simple

For example: where is it written - or to put it another way - why do those of us who have lived longer than anyone else - own more experience - are more capable of using good 'ol common sense" in our daily life - why can't we own our own entertainment, pay less for our dinner out - enjoy our Big And Band Music - the kind that a couple can enjoy holding on to each other, and actually dancing.

Who says the "dancers" have to be "taught" to dance?  WOW.  As if we need to prove ourselves to "anyone".  The point is, few of us Elder 50 Plusers ever needed to have anyone teach us to dance.  And, by extension, that means we didn't have to pay any one big lesson costs to teach us to think we needed to look "smooth" when we danced together - dancing is an extension of the table, and chairs, where two people, or more sit an enjoy actual conversation with each other - shocking isn't it - that a couple actually used to sit in a restaurant and talk to each other about a wide range of subjects, no one said "hey" to the wait staff either.

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